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Foo Fighters celebrate Dave Grohl's birthday with powerful new song, Waiting On A War

Foo Fighters have unveiled Waiting On A War, their third new release from upcoming album Medicine At Midnight.

Foo Fighters celebrate Dave Grohl's birthday with powerful new song, Waiting On A War
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Foo Fighters are celebrating Dave Grohl's 52nd birthday today with another new song from Medicine At Midnight: Waiting On A War.

Detailing the powerful and emotional story behind the track, the frontman explains: "Last fall, as I was driving my daughter to school, she turned to me and asked, 'Daddy, is there going to be a war?' My heart sank as I realised that she was now living under the same dark cloud that I had felt 40 years ago. I wrote Waiting On A War that day. Every day waiting for the sky to fall. Is there more to this than that? Is there more to this than just waiting on a war? Because I need more. We all do.

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"This song was written for my daughter, Harper, who deserves a future, just as every child does."

Listen to Waiting On A War below:

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Speaking to Kerrang! about Medicine At Midnight, Dave revealed that after writing Waiting On A War, the band’s reaction was, ​‘Oh my god, this is one of the best songs we’ve ever written!’

The quotes came as he explained how recording Shame Shame gave the band freedom to experiment in the studio.

“I remember after we recorded [Shame Shame], it immediately opened up a whole new area for the band to pursue: after we did that, we ended up recording the songs Medicine At Midnight, Love Dies Young and Cloudspotter – these were all songs that were just unlike anything we’ve done before,” he said. ​“The melodies and the tone of this record is still the band, but it’s just kind of a new aesthetic. And so after we recorded the song – which was pretty early on in the process – we knew that there was this new freedom to be able to explore other sounds. [In terms of releasing it as the lead single] Shame Shame really was the song that everyone fell in love with first, and after that there was Waiting On A War, and we thought,​‘Oh my god, this is one of the best songs we’ve ever written. It is recognisable as a Foo Fighters song – but let’s not start there!’ Or there’s a song like Love Dies Young, which is, like, the biggest fuckin’ party anthem we’ve ever had! We were like,​‘Okay, let’s not start there; let’s start at this other place so that people are somewhat surprised…’”

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