Listen To Killswitch Engage's New Album, Atonement, Right Now!

Listen to Killswitch Engage's seventh full-length album right now!

Listen To Killswitch Engage's New Album, Atonement, Right Now!

The road Killswitch Engage have walked to their new album, Atonement, has been full of important twists and turns. Not only did the past year see their 2004 breakthrough album The End Of Heartache turn 15 years old, but it also saw frontman Jesse Leach recover from vocal cord surgery. But now, the wait is over, and now you can listen to Atonement in its entirety below.

In a recent social media post, Jesse made it clear that for him, this album is a unique one. “At first I was a bit crestfallen that a few songs I truly loved didn’t make the cut," he wrote on his Instagram. "Now after time has passed (and I’ve not listened to it for a while) I listened with fresh ears today. I gotta say I am quite satisfied! The messages, the tones, the track listing order, the artwork, the overall feel of this album it just feels fresh!

“I feel there is something for everyone on this one," he continued. "It captures the wide range of styles and topics that are part of our history as a band as well as pushing things just a touch. It is a pretty amazing feeling as a very picky and perpetually unsatisfied (and fairly insecure) artist to feel accomplished. Anyway enough out of me for now, more to come in the next month or so! Until then many thanks for all the love and support my friends! Here is to another chapter and another album cycle on the way!”

Listen to Killswitch Engage's seventh full-length album, Atonement, below:

For Killswitch guitarist Adam D, the creation of a new record isn't just a next step for the band, it's an example of what he believes more bands should be doing. When he discussed the subject of album anniversary tours while chatting about The End Of Heartache turning 15, Adam made it clear that he wasn't interested in paying too much lip sservice Killswitch's previous milestones.

“We shouldn’t live in the past, y’know?” said Adam. “I feel like there’s been too much of that recently. Maybe more people should focus on writing more material, and not just trying to rehash stuff, y’know? There’s just too much of that!

“I’m happy that everyone agreed with me that it wasn’t a good idea,” he added, “especially because we literally just finished our new record. So we have things to worry about.”

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