Mikey Way Reveals Details About Upcoming Comic, Collapser

Black holes, DJs, intergalactic arms races, and more will be featured in Mikey Way's new comic.

Mikey Way Reveals Details About Upcoming Comic, Collapser

The Way Brothers are busy. Along with Gerard Way’s Young Animal revival of Doom Patrol, Mikey Way’s comic Collapser is coming next month. In a recent interview with Behind The Panel, Mikey discussed his connection with the main character Liam, a DJ with a black hole inside of his chest.

“It’s a twenty-something-year-old kid named Liam James and he’s stuck between real-world responsibility and his dreams and aspirations of becoming a world-renowned DJ,” explained Mikey. “He kinda wakes up one day and his mom leaves him something in her will. He finds out a lot about his mom through the course of a couple of issues, but yeah, he gets otherworldly powers. He opens up his city to become a warscape for an intergalactic arms race that centers around him.”

He also discussed the mental health themes that float around the comic: “I’ve dealt with mental health things my whole life and I felt like I had to put it in the story. I wanted to put a piece of myself in. I know Shaun battles with certain kinds of anxiety as well. It was important to show that in a comic book story.”

In comparison to music, the brothers find comic writing a more difficult process than songwriting. Whereas making music comes more naturally, sitting down to write notoriously comes with hardships such as writer’s block. “Writing is one of the hardest jobs; I’m sure any writer will tell you this,” said Gerard.

You can listen to the interview below.

The comic is co-written by Shaun Simon, and will debut on July 17. The A.V. club also shared some exciting previews, so make sure to check those out as well.

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