Miley Cyrus teases new cover of Nine Inch Nails’ Head Like A Hole

Watch Miley Cyrus and her live band tear through a fresh rendition of Nine Inch Nails' classic Head Like A Hole.

Miley Cyrus teases new cover of Nine Inch Nails’ Head Like A Hole
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Following her much talked-about 2019 'cover' of Head Like A Hole on Black Mirror, Miley Cyrus is set to revisit the Nine Inch Nails classic for a new rendition that's much more in keeping with the original.

Rather than the more optimistic Ashley O cover (written by creator Charlie Brooker and titled On A Roll) that fans enjoyed a couple of years ago, Miley has shared a snippet of a new live performance of Pretty Hate Machine's opening number, powerfully singing along to the 1989 track's signature chorus: 'Bow down before the one you serve / You're going to get what you deserve!'

It isn't clear yet how or when the fresh cover will be used… but based on Miley's emphatic vocal performance in this short 17-second video, we can't wait to hear the full thing.

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Of course, Miley also has a very special Metallica cover in the works, revealing last month that she worked on rendition of Nothing Else Matters with none other than Elton John.

"So I did a Metallica cover of Nothing Else Matters featuring Elton John on the piano," she teased. "I’ve got Yo-Yo Ma, [Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer] Chad Smith – just so many all-stars. I’m so excited about this collaboration. Andrew Watt produced it, and I’m really stoked. I mean, having Elton John and Metallica and me – I love it when ingredients don’t quite fit, you know? Or it seems like a concoction that no-one would ever put together, and you’ve got to have someone wild enough like Watt that will take that risk."

In the meantime, watch Miley tearing through Head Like A Hole below:

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