New Years Day release Ash Costello’s personal “anthem”, Half Black Heart

Listen to Half Black Heart, the title-track from New Years Day’s upcoming album and a message from Ash Costello to those who “may expect perfection from me” because there’s no such thing as “a flawless human being”.

New Years Day release Ash Costello’s personal “anthem”, Half Black Heart
Emily Carter

Ahead of next month’s new album Half Black Heart, New Years Day have just unveiled the record’s title-track.

The song is described by vocalist Ash Costello as her personal “anthem”, and it’s about the fact that “no-one is purely one thing”.

“Nobody is so flawless that they have the right to pass judgment on someone else’s flaws,” the singer explains. “We all exist as a mix of good and bad, innocence and guilt, a bit angelic and a bit devilish. The message is rooted in the idea that ‘he who is without sin can cast the first stone’, meaning that no-one is in a position to judge, because everyone makes mistakes.

“I don’t believe in the idea of a flawless human being, and this song is my way of addressing those who may expect perfection from me. Essentially, it’s a declaration that neither I nor anyone else will ever be perfect.”

Half Black Heart – the album – is due out on March 1 via Century Media. Watch the video below:

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