Oli Sykes on Bring Me The Horizon’s Post Human EP series: “There’s gonna be a record for everyone”

Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes discusses the “full creative freedom” of their Post Human four-EP series.

Oli Sykes on Bring Me The Horizon’s Post Human EP series: “There’s gonna be a record for everyone”
Emily Carter

Though Bring Me The Horizon's ambitious Post Human EP series is taking longer than planned (the band initially said they'd be making four different records within the space of a year), Oli Sykes is clearly enjoying the "full creative freedom" the project is offering them, explaining in a new interview that musically there will be "a record for everyone".

Speaking with 93xRadio (transcribed by Kerrang! – watch the full video interview below), the frontman details the whole idea behind the Post Human series, explaining, “I guess with the pandemic and everything that happened remotely we knew we weren’t going to go on tour for a while, so it just felt like the perfect time to experiment with this idea. I’ve been saying this shit, like, ‘I wanna stop doing albums; I wanna do something different’ and all this stuff for ages, and it’s like, ‘It’s finally time to put your money where your mouth is and just do it,’ you know?

“The idea is for us to be as creative as possible. We’ve got these four records now – obviously Post Human: Survival Horror being the first one – where each record can be so different that whatever we feel like doing, we can do it. And there’s gonna be a record for everyone. If we feel like doing something dance-y, electronic, we’ve got this record for it; if we feel like doing something kinda old-school rock, we’ve got this one for it; if we feel like doing something maybe more emo, more pop… we’re yet to discover what each record sounds like, but we’ve done so much shit over our career that we have our sound, but we can go anywhere with it.

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“And the thing is,” Oli continues, “we have types of fans as well: there’s Bring Me The Horizon fans that love amo, there’s Bring Me The Horizon fans that just love our first record… it’s not like we’re going to write records that sound like any of those, but I appreciate that some people just wanna listen to fucking aggressive music, some people wanna listen to more emotional music and stuff. And we’re the same! So rather than trying to cram all of that into one record, I feel like Survival Horror had a vibe – the whole record had a very dense vibe – so it’s like each record is gonna be more like that: the second record will be whatever the vibe we land on, it’s gonna be in that realm… the people we work with, the guests we have on there, they’re probably going to come more from that world.

“It’s kind of exciting for us; it gives us full creative freedom.”

Can't wait! Watch the interview now:

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