Pete Wentz Has Big Theories About Who's Going To Die Next In Game Of Thrones

The Fall Out Boy bassist doesn't have high hopes for one particular character...

Pete Wentz Has Big Theories About Who's Going To Die Next In Game Of Thrones

While Game Of Thrones fans are preparing for the final four episodes of the current – and last-ever, sniff – season, one particular viewer has some firm ideas about which characters will meet their grisly end as the Night King prepares to lead the White Walkers into the Battle of Winterfell.

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz was quizzed by US gossip merchants TMZ about which characters are next on George R.R. Martin’s hit list, and seemed only too happy to stop and share his theories.

“Bran’s the Three-Eyed Raven… he’s responsible for everything that happened in the entire universe,” says Pete. “Come on, it’s so dorky. You don’t want to hear about that.

“Who’s going to bite it? For sure, Grey Worm,” he adds. “Because he’s all like, ‘I can’t wait to go on vacation with you, babe.’ He’s for sure dead.”

Before climbing into his car, he paused to note that one particular Red Priestess has been conspicuous by their absence in season eight.

“I feel like Melisandre might show up again in the crypt,” Pete reckons. “The little girl that’s like, ‘I’m going to protect the crypt,’ I feel like that might be Melisandre.”

Watch TMZ’s whole nerdy exchange below.

Are Pete’s theories on the money? We’ll find out during the next four weeks…

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Pete Wentz photo: Tom Pullen

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