Quiz: How well do you know Evanescence’s lyrics?

Are you an Evanescence fan? Test your knowledge of their lyrics in our fiendish quiz…

Quiz: How well do you know Evanescence’s lyrics?
Mike Rampton

Supposedly we retain information in different ways depending on how we take it in. You’re more likely to remember details if you write them down than if you just read them, for instance, a tip teachers have been trying to push onto exam students for aeons.

Repetition is also important, of course. Millions of us could effortlessly reel off endless catchphrases from ads or quote iconic comedy scenes verbatim. If you just hear something, though, does how it’s sung affect how it stays in your head?

What we’re really saying is, why does everyone know the rap bit from Bring Me To Life better than the beautifully sung bits from other Evanescence songs? Something to think about while tackling this quiz, anyway.

If you can't see the quiz below, please click here to play. Scroll down for answers.

How did you do? Did you get the perfect score or did you feel like Everybody's Fool? Here are answers to see where you might have tripped up…

Evanescence lyrics quiz answers

1. Open doors
2. Tears / fears / years
3. Everybody's Fool
4. Miserabilis
5. The bitter truth
6. 'Now I will tell you what I've done for you'
7. 20
8. 'I'm gonna let it go'
9. Rivers
10. Sweet Sacrifice

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