Quiz: How well do you know Metallica's lyrics?

Know your way around Metallica's catalogue? Test your lyric knowledge in this mighty quiz… yeehaaaah!

Quiz: How well do you know Metallica's lyrics?
Mike Rampton
Ross Halfin

You’ve listened to hundreds of hours of Metallica. Everyone has. Even if you’re not a Metallica fan, have never deliberately put a Metallica record on and don’t think you’ve ever actually heard a Metallica song, you’ve heard hundreds of hours of Metallica. They’re just part of the world – you can’t go through life without taking in at least the big tunes by a kind of cultural osmosis.

Reducing Metallica songs to just their lyrics takes a hell of a lot away. For a start, words written in black and white on a page just don’t have the gravitas that they do when belted out by Papa Het – a man who knows exactly how gruff every note should sound, and manages to make pretty extraordinary vocal feats look easy (seriously, watch live footage from the 1990s and think about how clear every syllable is, it’s exhausting). There’s also, at any given point, a hell of a lot more going on than just the vocals.

But let’s find out how much attention you've paid – or, if you’re of the “never put a Metallica record on” camp, how much has seeped in over the years.

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How did you do? Manage to get a perfect score? Here are the answers to see where you might have tripped up…

Metallica lyric quiz answers:

1. Nothing Else Matters
2. Snow White
3. Make
4. One
5. Worthing
6. Creeping Death
7. 'Rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond'
8. 'Spit out the bone, yeah'
9. Damage, Inc and St. Anger
10. Kill

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