Fact! Slipknot Will Stop A Baby Crying

Parents rejoice – playing your Slipknot will keep your child quiet... for a bit

Fact! Slipknot Will Stop A Baby Crying
Nick Ruskell

Are children posers? Yes. Especially babies. Utter, utter posers. And wimps. Screaming and pooing everywhere may sound very punk rock and G.G. Allin, but really, kids are useless in a rock situation (also, actually, like G.G. Allin).

However, one Reddit user has discovered that playing his baby Slipknot will actually make it settle down and stop crying for five minutes. And while the original post from Reddit has been removed, but it turns out the video is also on YouTube.


This isn’t the first time science has uncovered the link between rock and making kids shut up. Nine years ago, one YouTuber found that Satyricon were the perfect antidote to mindless screeching. So, thank you bands!

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