Serj Tankian teases Elasticity, a song he had originally written for System Of A Down

Listen to a snippet of Serj Tankian's new solo song Elasticity – a previously unreleased idea that was originally for System Of A Down.

Serj Tankian teases Elasticity, a song he had originally written for System Of A Down
Emily Carter

Ahead of its full release this Thursday (February 4), Serj Tankian has teased a snippet of the title-track from his upcoming Elasticity EP – a record featuring music the frontman was originally planning on working on with his bandmates in System Of A Down.

Serj hinted at this scrapped material all the way back in May last year, explaining that the title was actually a nod to his day job's most iconic album. "For me, it’s not Toxicity but it is Toxicity," he laughed to SPIN. "That’s what I’m thinking of calling it. I haven’t finalised it, but that’s what I’m thinking of calling it."

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Elaborating on this material – both in terms of its origin and sound – Serj revealed, "I always have random rock tracks done at different times and I sit on them. And then one day the right project or right idea for releasing them will come along. They all have piano or synthesizers, which is a little different than the four-person crew with System, although we had some synths as well. It’s got stuff that’s really heavy, heavy and there’s a funny aspect and then there’s a song about my son.

"It kind of runs the gauntlet on diversity of thematic expression: political, non-political. I guess that’s always been me, all over the place. I think I’m gonna call it Elasticity just because I wanted to do it with System and it didn’t happen…"

Check out a snippet of Elasticity below – which vocally sounds very much like the Serj we've all come to know and love:

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