Suicidal Tendencies locked out of their Instagram for three weeks because of band name

Suicidal Tendencies state that "this isn't the first time we’ve been flagged" – but that "hopefully it will be the last".

Suicidal Tendencies locked out of their Instagram for three weeks because of band name
Emily Carter

If you follow Suicidal Tendencies on socials then you'll have probably clocked that the hardcore punk legends have been absent from Instagram for quite a while – and it's not because of the recent outage that also affected Facebook and WhatsApp. Instead, they say they were locked out of their account for three weeks because of their name.

Regaining access to their account now, in a statement on October 6 they write: "So as a lot of you already noticed, our Instagram account was down for the last 3 weeks. Long story, this had nothing to do with 'us', but everything to do with our name.

"This isn't the first time we’ve been flagged but hopefully it will be the last. We'll go into that more later, but right now we want to focus on the positive and give our beST to you all and say thanks for always STanding with us!"

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Updating fans on what's been going on in the Suicidal Tendencies world while their Insta was down, they continue:

"What you missed, we've done a few festivals, more on that later too.

"What's coming up… Aftershock in Sacramento. ST playing this Friday at 6:10pm closing the Coors Light STage.

"Also, tomorrow, @dixxonflannelco is dropping an @infectiousgrooves Flannel to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the 1st IG album, The Plague that Makes your Booty Move… It's the Infectious Grooves. As you know, the Dixxon flannels go fast so be ready for this. Available in Mens, Womens and Youth sizes. More info soon!

"That’s it for now familia.

"STay Cyco & See you in the pit!"

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