Sweet Pill drop new single Chewed Up, announce Starchild EP

Listen to Sweet Pill’s “in-your-face” new single Chewed Up, taken from their upcoming Starchild EP.

Sweet Pill drop new single Chewed Up, announce Starchild EP
Emily Carter

Sweet Pill have unveiled a brand-new single, Chewed Up.

Following their recent signing to Hopeless and the release of the song Starchild, the Philly band will be releasing a four-track EP – featuring the two aforementioned singles, plus the songs Eternal and Sympathy – on March 15, 2024.

The band’s Zayna Youssef explains that the EP “takes an introspective look at battling anxieties, your inner voice, and the world that always seems so against you”.

“Personally, this EP is a reflection of where these changes have brought me: over-worked and unsure of myself and what matters anymore,” Zayna continues. “The song Starchild is an ode to selling myself short and not valuing my own self-worth. I’m at a time in my life where I find myself ‘people pleasing’ everyone but myself. Then I’m burdened with the pressure of letting everyone down. Ultimately, that leads to my own personal downfall.

“Chewed Up follows Starchild and is musically much more in-your-face. Sort of like the intrusive thoughts that keep you up wide-eyed in bed at night. Different from the opening track, Chewed Up is a plea to say what I mean and to ask for what I want. To make that step in the direction of valuing my own self-worth and pulling out of my personal downfall. The hard part is- when the moment comes, can you speak up?”

Check it out below.

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