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4 TV series and movies to watch while hiding from Storm Eunice

From controversial Floridian rappers to deep dives into the MCU, here’s what you need to be watching this weekend…

4 TV series and movies to watch while hiding from Storm Eunice
Kerrang! staff

It sure is windy outside, huh? And apparently it's only going to get wetter and wilder over the next few days. So you might as well sack off going into work for that Friday meeting and stick on one or all of these new TV series and movies. We've got documentaries on hip-hop icons and horror sequels starring bloodthirsty murderers, so it's fun for all the family!

NetflixTexas Chainsaw Massacre

He’s baaaaaaaaack! Yes, after almost 50 years, everyone’s favourite skin-wearing maniac has returned for another round of flesh-peeling fun. Having gone into hiding (presumably after the events of the original movie), a group of young friends stumble upon Leatherface’s secretive lair on a trip the Texas ghost town of Harlow, and he sure ain’t happy about it. Hunting down any and all who come near, Leatherface hammers and (naturally) chainsaws his way through countless bodies with serious blood and guts flailing all over the shop. Sick-bags at the ready.

Available on Netflix from February 18.

BBC iPlayerLouis Theroux: Forbidden America

Let’s face it, you’d watch Louis Theroux do anything. We’d watch him interview a pineapple if it meant one of his trademark forced silences revealed some sinister truth. Understandably, his new three-part series isn’t about tropical fruit, but rather the use social media in different American subcultures – the alt-right, hip-hop and porn. The first episode aired on Sunday, but this week’s instalment sees Louis immersing himself in the Floridian rap scene, and artists who just love causing a bit of controversy. Essential viewing from one of the very best.

Available now on BBC iPlayer.


Speaking of hip-hop, one of the most anticipated docs of the year is finally arriving on Netflix. Twenty-one years in the making, this trilogy of movies follows the astronomical rise of Kanye West, through live footage, studio access and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes interviews. How did this one budding rapper go on to change the world of hip-hop, fashion and culture forever? And what does it all mean? As Ye’s personal life is currently spilling out across social media, this trio of stories seeks to remind you that he’s more than clickbait fodder, he’s potentially a genius.

Available now on Netflix.

Disney+Marvel Studios’ Assembled: The Making Of Eternals

If you’re a Marvel fan (and we’ll assume that you are), you’ve no doubt already seen Eternals. While it split fans down the middle – especially those who perhaps weren’t totally taken with the fantastical elements it brought to the MCU – this behind-the-scenes doc doesn’t just show how the movie was made, but mastermind Kevin Feige also explains how vital these new heroes will be to the cinematic universe. And to be honest, the more we see Kumail Nanjiani in the MCU the better.

Available now on Disney+.

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