The Big Fat Music Quiz Of 2020

2020 has been quite the year, but how much do you remember about the world of rock and metal? Let's find out...

The Big Fat Music Quiz Of 2020
Mike Rampton

Hey, what a year! Who knew it was possible to be bored and scared at the same time? The novel coronavirus pandemic caused the world of live music to take a break, an extremely sad and strange turn of events despite obviously taking place for sensible, safe reasons. Festivals were cancelled, albums were postponed and a lot of extremely talented people’s livelihoods were placed in jeopardy. It’s not been a good one.

But it would take more than an unprecedented year of global tragedy to fully stop music. How much attention have you been paying to world of rock'n'roll?

If you can't see the quiz below, click here to take part. Scroll down for answers.

Big Fat Music Quiz 2020 Answers

  1. Wake Up, Sunshine
  2. The Hella Mega Tour
  3. Avril Lavigne
  4. Animals
  5. Seagulls
  6. Troy Sanders
  7. Cop Syrup
  8. Bring Me The Horizon
  9. grandson
  10. Ordinary Man
  11. Green Day
  12. "I was an LSD-taking freak!"
  13. KISS
  14. Punch you in the face
  15. Pickle Mustard
  16. Sunn O)))
  17. A loquacious goofball
  18. The Royal Family
  19. Walking some ducks
  20. Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and RuPaul
  21. Doncaster
  22. 10
  23. Norway
  24. 383
  25. Milton Keynes
  26. San Francisco
  27. 15 years
  28. 150
  29. 2
  30. Liverpool
  31. Vegan hot sauce
  32. Confess
  33. A chameleon
  34. £156.75
  35. Metallica
  36. Here Kitty Kitty
  37. Lamb Of God
  38. Beastie Boys Story
  39. Tom DeLonge
  40. Dave Grohl
  41. Demonstrations
  42. Lzzy Hale
  43. The Chats love beer
  44. A rose
  45. Longest music video
  46. $60,000 worth
  47. Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs (7)
  48. JU$T
  49. Raccoon Edge
  50. F*ck Content

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