The Debut Sainte EP Is Being Released This Friday!

Tay Jardine's first new music since We Are The In Crowd is coming!

The Debut Sainte EP Is Being Released This Friday!

Tay Jardine will unleash her debut EP, Smile. And Wave, this Friday (June 30) and digital pre-orders are now live from the following link. On top of that, she revealed her latest single Eyes Are Open, which is available to listen to right here.

Talking about her new project Tay Jardine said: “After touring for so long with my previous project, I found myself evolving as a woman. I was wanting to try something new, which really represented where I am creatively. I started making music just based on what I was feeling now; it felt a little different and it felt a lot more natural. I was nineteen when We Are The In Crowd were signed, and I was so incredibly young. We developed something that was great for then, but now I find myself in such a more comfortable place as SAINTE. It just really represents who I am as a person as well as an artist.”

Check out the EP artwork and track-listing below:

1. Eyes Are Open
2. Technicolor
3. With Or Without Me
4. Feels So Wrong
5. Lighthouse
6. White Lies
7. If You Ever Feel Alone

Give With Or Without Me a spin below:

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