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Black Veil Brides postpone The Phantom Tomorrow album release date

…but frontman Andy Biersack promises Black Veil Brides’ sixth full-length will be worth the extra few months’ wait.

Black Veil Brides’ new album, The Phantom Tomorrow, was meant to come out at the start of next month. However, thanks to myriad logistical problems with physical production, they’ve been forced to delay it until October 29

In a video, frontman Andy Biersack explained the delay and apologised to fans, but insisted it was all for the good, and that it means all the elements will be available as one hit. Here’s Andy…

As you guys know, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the production industry on every level,” he says. The music industry has been hit hard in the sense that there is a huge delay in manufacturing of things like vinyl records and physical product and other integral pieces to releasing an album.

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When we finished recording The Phantom Tomorrow, we were so excited about the album that we wanted to get it out as soon as possible and so we set a June 4 release date. We realised pretty quickly that by having that June 4 release date, we would not be able to have vinyl records, other physical media, comic book series – all the things that we had planned for the release.

So we are going to delay the release of the record to October 29, 2021, at which point we will be able to have multiple vinyl variations, comic book series, different multimedia and things that can properly lay out this whole release.

We know that it’s going to be disappointing for you guys who were looking forward to hearing the full album on June 4, but I promise you that you will hear music around that date and much more coming in the future. We have more music videos, more singles, as I said a comic book series and I can’t go into detail about it, but the return of Black Veil Brides live music is happening sooner than you think, so there will be lots of announcements coming.”

Last month, Andy gave us the lowdown on the album’s concept. As ever, it’s basically a film within an album. 

Early in the process – around January 2020, before the pandemic – I started thinking about what the endgame would be for this world I was building,” he told Kerrang!. And in so many people’s lives, particularly those who are part of an Anglo-Christian society like America, the endgame is dying and going to heaven. But at the same time, no-one wants to die. So there’s this weird thing whereby heaven is posited as this great place where you live in the sky with your loved ones, but you don’t want to go there because it means your life is over. The Field Of Bone came from that conundrum – it’s like a blessed and cursed location, and in the world of The Phantom Tomorrow it’s a concept, rather than an actual place. The name comes from Judas Iscariot, who in the Bible is paid for betraying Jesus, but afterwards he feels shame and buries the coins he’s given in a field, which has become known as the Field Of Blood. I was fascinated by this idea of getting what you want but then feeling shame because of it, because I think it’s something we all experience.”

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Posted on May 5th 2021, 12:02p.m.
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