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Check Out This New Jam From VENNART

…and find out a few bits about the new album.

Former Oceansize and British Theatre frontman and current Biffy Clyro live guitarist Mike Vennart has announced his forthcoming second VENNART album To Cure A Blizzard Upon A Plastic Sea, which is set for release September 14 through his own Medium Format label.

He’s also offered up to the rock gods this fresh new jam, Immortal Soldiers:

It’s about Mindfulness, Madness and Magic,” says Mike of the new album. ”The bulk of the ideas of the record came from a pretty rubbish Japanese toy from the ’70s called an Omnichord. The sound of it isn’t really interesting, but it coughed out the chord sequences of my dreams, taking my songwriting to places there’s no way I could’ve ever done so alone. Some of the words and the grooves are in homage to my love of my adopted home of Manchester. One of the songs has a definite baggy vibe, albeit one through a filter of someone who loves Iron Maiden.”

We can get behind that.

Posted on June 14th 2018, 10:56am
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