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Here’s An Emo Rap Version Of Puddle Of Mudd’s She Hates Me

Emo rapper Blossom Reynolds turns Puddle Of Mudd’s She Hates Me into a surprisingly dark and melancholy track.

It’s easy to think of Puddle Of Mudd as just angry dude rock from the nu-metal era — but when you take the emotions behind that song’s lyrics, and tone down Wes Scantlin’s sneering yarl, you’re left with some pretty melancholy shit. Which is what emo rapper Blossom Reynolds showed the world by recording his own cover over the Puddle Of Mudd classic and turning the angry radio hit into a somber, haunting ballad.

The idea came to Blossom when he tweeted about the song’s importance to him:

A friend responded, challenging Blossom to sample the song:

That’s when things got real. Blossom decided he wasn’t just going to sample the song, he was going to do his own version of it.

“I originally was going to have a friend just sample the guitar and make a completely different song with it, but listening to it again, I never noticed how inherently emo the song really is,” Reynolds said to AP. “I mean ‘She hates me, I tried too hard and she tore my feelings like I had none’ is pretty sad. I was already in talks with sorrow bringer from Ukraine about collabing on a song, then I heard this beat while I had the She Hates Me lyrics on my mind and it all just came together.”

Listen to Blossom’s version below:

Man, sounds like an entirely different song. For comparison, here’s the original:

Puddle Of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin definitely knows a thing or two about some dark, difficult situations. Last summer, Wes opened up about being 11 months sober, and some of the reasons he’s been in trouble with the law of late.

“The last year has been…Getting out of incarceration and then going to CRI-Help in Burbank, California, in North Hollywood, that was awesome,” said Wes. “It was really great. I’m 11 months sober now almost to the day, and I feel great. And we’re just playing shows and rocking.”

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Posted on March 24th 2019, 4:41pm
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