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Is Josh Homme Teasing New Desert Sessions?

Josh Homme appears to be readying a return to The Desert Sessions

Good news for Josh Homme fans, it looks like the Queens Of The Stone Age frontman is teasing the return of his The Desert Sessions project.

Starting way back in 1997, The Desert Sessions is a collective of musicians led by Josh Homme. In the six year period of 1997-2003 the group released ten records, all with volume numbers and often odd titles including Set Coordinates For The White Dwarf!!! and Can You See Under My Thumb? There You Are.

During that time, Josh worked on The Desert Sessions with everyone from PJ Harvey, Twiggy Ramirez and Nick Oliveri to Dean Ween, Jesse Hughes and Brant Bjork.

And now it looks like we could be seeing the band get back together for volumes 11 and 12… at least, that’s what Josh appears to suggest on Instagram.

Sharing a picture of a horse and a bird on the QOTSA Instagram, Josh asks “I wonder if anyone’s been recording in the desert?” before adding the hashtags #desert #sessions #11 and #12. Could this be a not-so-subtle hint toward a return from hiatus for The Desert Sessions? Only time will tell.

The final instalment of The Desert Sessions – Volume 10: I Heart Disco was released in September 2003. Maybe a 16 year hiatus was long enough?

Posted on May 2nd 2019, 12:27pm
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