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Jack Barakat Recreates Iconic Titanic Scene… Using All Time Low’s New Rosé

All Time Low’s Jack Barakat channels Jack Dawson in this homemade Titanic video filmed in the guitarist’s bathtub.

If this whole music thing didn’t work out, All Time Lows Jack Barakat could well have considered a career in either advertising or acting, having hilariously recreated an iconic scene from Titanic to promote the band’s new rosé. 

Hopping into his tub for a bubble bath with All Time Low’s new Summer Daze Rosé (complete with googly eyes to make the bottle seem more lifelike?!), the guitarist decided to reenact the heartbreaking Never let go” moment towards the end of the 1997 blockbuster in which Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack and Kate Winslet’s Rose find themselves stranded in the freezing ocean after the ship sinks.

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…No matter what happens, no matter how hopeless,” Jack mouthes while shivering in what we hope was actually a nice warm bath. Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise…”

As All Time Low themselves point out in the caption to the video, Get it because like Jack and Rose, but like Rosé. And Jack’s name is Jack.” We definitely did understand the joke, but thanks for explaining it anyway, chaps.

Of the Summer Daze Rosé, frontman Alex Gaskarth says: All roads lead to this: a foray into the endless summer, celebrated here in a refreshing rosé that we’ve been contemplating and anticipating since we first ventured into the wine space. We’re very excited about this one.”

The full description of the drink reads: Summer Daze stands out as a fresh and crisp wine accented by zinfandel grapes with a bright floral nose, notes of fresh strawberries, and melon complete with a light acidic finish. This harmonious (and loud) marriage of flavours leaves a lasting taste of cotton candy, cherry, and a faint citrus finish meant to be enjoyed chilled as the ultimate summer refreshment.”

Get yours here, and check out Jack in full, er, Jack mode below:

Posted on July 3rd 2020, 12:45p.m.
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