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Listen To Metallica Play Damage Inc. In West Germany in 1987

The mighty Damage Inc., recorded in Essen, West Germany in January 1987. Thrashin’ good fun.

If you get yourself a copy of the vvvv mega deluxe remastered version of Metallica’s world-beating 1986 opus Master Of Puppets, which is out November 10, you’ll be able to own a hard copy of the below recording of Damage Inc., recorded in Essen, West Germany in January 1987.

As points out, this performance would have been only a few months after Jason Newsted first appeared on stage with Metallica, replacing original bassist Cliff Burton who died when the band’s bus crashed in southern Sweden on the September 26 1986. 

Newsted’s bass is coming through loud and clear here, which famously isn’t so much the case on the 1988’s …And Justice For All album, which is so lacking in bass that some fans took it upon themselves to remix the album with enhanced bass and put it on YouTube as …And Justice For Jason. It’s worth a listen:

Posted on November 3rd 2017, 12:55pm
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