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Listen To Ozzy Osbourne’s and Elton John’s Collaboration

Ozzy Osbourne has released a song called ‘Ordinary Man’, featuring pop legend Elton John

Ozzy Osbourne has released the title track from his upcoming album Ordinary Man, featuring none other than Elton John.

The piano-led ballad is the third single from Ozzy’s latest full-length, following Straight To Hell and Under The Graveyard.

The album was recorded with Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, and producer/guitarist Andrew Watt. It also features guest spots from Post Malone, Tom Morello and more.

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“It was a lot of fun to do… it’s a lot different from my other albums,” says Ozzy Osbourne. “We recorded it quickly, which I haven’t done since the first Black Sabbath album. This made it a different process, which I actually enjoyed.”

Speaking about the guest stars, Ozzy says it “all just came together.”

“Slash is a dear friend of mine, as is Elton. When I was writing Ordinary Man, it reminded me of an old Elton song and I said to Sharon, ‘I wonder if he would sing on it?’ We asked and lo and behold, he agreed and sings and play piano on the song.”

He continues: “There’s a line in Ordinary Man where I sing, ‘I don’t want to die an ordinary man,’ which I don’t think I will.”

Ordinary Man was released on February 21.

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Posted on January 10th 2020, 11:03am
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