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Listen To The New Modern Rituals Album, This Is The History

This Is The History isn’t out ‘til Friday, but we’ve got it for you now!

The release of Brit post-rock quartet Modern Rituals’ second album is imminent. It’s out on Friday through Holy Roar, and it’s very, very good. But don’t take our word for it - we’ve got the whole thing for you to listen to below. And if you like what you hear, order your copy now.

In some ways this is a natural continuation from our first album, and in many ways it isn’t,” explains vocalist Harry Fanshawe. “We really enjoyed working with friends in creating string arrangements on the first record and I think that’s something that we took a bit further this time. We wanted to create some sections that were textural and string-dominated, whilst being more dissonant and challenging, which was a difference that was informed by the first album.

Lyrically, I’d say it is quite distinct from our previous efforts; but, again, lots of the themes we’ve gone for owe something to what’s come before. On this album, the themes are more character-based and less personal (but maybe that makes it more personal), aiming more at developing stories and the fictional sides to things.”

Working on the album with their guitarist Tom Hill behind the mixing desk, meanwhile, meant whatever they wanted to do could be done exactly as they envisioned it.

Being produced by Tom allowed us to chisel on our vision of this record more than otherwise, letting us exercise more control over each element in there,” Harry reveals. “On the whole, we all feel very happy with how we’ve moved from record to record, and this album has helped us feel like we have an identity as a band now, whether that owes anything to what we’ve released before or not.”

Posted on March 17th 2020, 4:02pm
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