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Metallica Are Teasing An Announcement With An Online Countdown

In a link poster to Twitter, Metallica linked to, which contains nothing but a countdown clock…

In a day and age where everyone likes to overshare everything, it sometimes helps bands if they add a shroud of mystery to get people’s attention and ramp up excitement.

And it seems that even the biggest bands in the world aren’t immune from doing so – metal titans Metallica have now hopped the mystery bus, too.

The band posted a link to on Twitter, which, when you click on it, links to a very rudimentary countdown timer that will hit zero on Thursday at noon GMT.

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Although there’s no information about what the band will be announcing, given that it’s been 20 years since the original release of S&M and that XX is 20 in Roman numerals, there’s a pretty strong likelihood that it pertains to a home release of the S&M2 shows that the band recently played in San Francisco. 

Kerrang! was there to witness the two-part concert and it was, indeed, a magical and momentous occasion. Taking place at the newly-opened Chase Center, Metallica were joined by the San Francisco Symphony to once again bring the worlds of classical music and heavy metal — well, Metallica’s heavy metal — together once again.

The two S&M shows were recorded for a feature-length concert movie, which will be screened at cinemas around the world on Wednesday October 9 for one night only. 

Hopefully, this means that more people around the world will be able to witness the magic if those two nights, which included symphonic versions of For Whom The Bell Tolls, The Unforgiven III, Master Of Puppets, Moth Into Flame and a double-bass version of (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth!

At the time of writing there’s just three days and 33 minutes until we find out if our suspicions are correct. Who knew Metallica were such little teases? 

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Posted on October 7th 2019, 12:09p.m.
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