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Metallica to perform on The Late Show Super Bowl Edition this weekend

Following Sunday’s Super Bowl LV, Metallica will join Stephen Colbert for a performance on The Late Show.

Metallica have announced that they’ll be celebrating” this weekend’s Super Bowl LV with a performance on The Late Show.

The metal titans will be joining Stephen Colbert once the game has finished at 11:35pm EST to perform for the CBS show, though they haven’t announced which song they’ll be playing yet. Having done several lockdown virtual performances already during the coronavirus pandemic, though, Tallica are well versed in these sorts of things – so expect a typically great appearance from the band.

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In other news, Lars Ulrich revealed last week that progress on Metallica’s new album has been glacial”. These are the craziest of times and nothing is letting up,” he said. There’s a little bit of movement [in that direction], but it’s hard to do a lot when we’re not together.”

Last November, the drummer told Phoebe Bridgers about the challenges of writing music remotely. Being a rock’n’roll band and working virtually is not super-easy,” he admitted. Time delays, all these things make it really hard. The main thing we miss is being able to hear each other. So if we’re all four in a room together, we can connect with each other and we can hear each other. If I’m playing here in San Francisco, and Kirk [Hammett] and James [Hetfield], our two guitar players, are either in O’ahu or Colorado, there are significant time delays. It’s very hard for us to play at the same time. If I’m doing what we call steering, which means that I’m playing a beat and they’re playing to me, I can’t hear what they’re playing, and vice-versa. We can’t all hear each other in a universal fashion. So there are some significant complications we have. Our recording team and our production team are speaking to software makers all over the world [about] how to crack the code on this. Nobody has quite figured it out yet.”

Posted on February 3rd 2021, 10:45a.m.
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