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My Chemical Romance… As You’ve Never Heard Them Before!

Three Cheers For Sleep Revenge…
My Chemical Romance

A new My Chemical Romance covers album will send you to sleep… in a good way

Are you a My Chemical Romance fan? Are you an MCR fan who struggles to get to sleep? Well, you’re going to love Sparrow Sleeps! This musical duo excel at converting rock songs into lullabies and their latest effort, Three Cheers For Sweet Dreams, does exactly that with a whole host of classic MCR songs. If you really need some shut eye, the good news is that the record’s available to buy now.

Speaking about the project, Sparrow Sleeps’ composer Casey Cole says: I’ve been turning songs into lullabies for over two years now, and this album definitely has the most morbid track listing. I put a lot of effort into keeping things as true to the original songs as possible, which can be difficult with the outrageous guitar licks and key changes throughout. I even treated Blood as a secret track, the way it was on The Black Parade, including two minutes of silence before it starts. Albums like The Black Parade don’t come around too often, so turning some of those songs into these softer renditions was a challenge masked with a bit of nostalgia.

Album art creator and other half of Sparrow Sleeps, Peter Lockhart, adds: I went back and forth for a while on what style to do this album cover in. After recently finishing a portrait illustration in the same style for a gallery show, I knew exactly what I wanted this cover to look like and everything fell into place really quickly. I wanted to stick with the same tone as the original album art, but a little more peaceful… and a little less bloody. I pushed hard with Casey to play off the title and artwork for Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge for this lullaby album. That album was what got me into My Chemical Romance in 2004, and it’s stuck as a personal favourite even since.

You can hear Sparrows Sleeps’ lullaby cover of Helena below, and don’t forget to leave us your comments!

You can check out the album artwork and full tracklisting below!

Mcr Sparrow Sleeps

1 – Dead!
2 – I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
3 – Helena
4 – I Don’t Love You
5 – Cancer
6 – Famous Last Words
7 – Teenagers
8 – Cemetery Drive
9 – Welcome to the Black Parade
10 – Blood

You can check out more about Sparrow Sleeps here

Posted on May 4th 2016, 7:19p.m.
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