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Snitches Get Stitches! Attila Allegedly Assaulted 3 Venue Security Team Members At Las Vegas Show

These dudes last night were on a power trip… a 120 pound crowdsurfer with a smile on their face isn’t a THREAT.”

During Attila’s set at the Hard Rock Live in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, freshly face tattooed frontman Chris Fronzak felt he had to react to what he perceived to be over-zealous security and their behaviour towards crowdsurfers.

In the below footage you can see him having a go at the security for their alleged aggressive behaviour towards the audience, singling out one member of the team in particular and punching him in the head before cancelling the band’s set:

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Caption reads:

Fronz quit the show after the security at the hard rock was being overly rough!! What a true musician to stand up for his fans! He hit the security IN THE FACE!! Mad respect to Fronz, I will be attending Attila again!

Here’s a bit more footage too:

Fans say that the band’s bassist Kalan Blehm was also seen slapping a member of the venue’s security.

Contemporary Services Corporation were hired by the Hard Rock Live to handle security at the venue that night and their Nevada vice president Jay Purvis commented to News 3 that three security guards were hurt at the show.

Whatever your feelings on Fronz or this situation, this is an iconic tweet:

Posted on August 24th 2018, 12:53pm
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