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Tsunami Bomb’s New Single Is An Introspective Punk Rock Lament

Exclusive: Check out the melancholy new single from Tsunami Bomb’s first studio LP in fifteen years.

For Tsunami Bomb, passing trends were never an issue. The NorCal punk quintet always stood outside genre lines with their chugging, slightly arch sound — a little pop-punk, a little nautical jauntiness, a little horror-influence, all rolled together seamlessly. As such, it’s unsurprising that their first new LP in fifteen years, The Spine That Binds, will leave fans of the band’s earlier material psyched about their return — the songs thereon have all the uptempo volatility and foot-tapping choruses that the public have come to expect from the Bomb.

Tsunami The Spine That Binds

That said, the band’s new single, Petaluma, isn’t your typical pop-punk rager. Instead, Tsunami Bomb go bittersweet this time around, leaning heavily on minor chords and mournful gang vocals during the track’s refrain. The song is in many ways indicative of pop-punk’s growth as a whole; rather than get riled up with irreverent references and inside jokes, the track shows a mature outlook on the commonplace tribulations of the average outcast trying to make their way in our shitty world.

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Petaluma is about reaching a crossroad,” says vocalist and keyboard player Oobliette Sparks, “and realizing after choosing your path that no matter how fast you run or how far you go, your past will find a way to catch up to you. How you decide to face it when it does is the only real path to finding absolution.”

Check out our exclusive premiere of Tsunami Bomb’s Petaluma below:

Tsunami Bomb’s The Spine That Binds comes out Friday, November 8, on Alternative Tentacles, and is available for preorder.

Make sure to catch the band live at one of the following dates:


02 - The Fest 18 at the Wooly Club Show in Gainesville, FL
22 - Headlining Day 1 of Alternative Tentacles Fest at Cornerstone in Berkeley, CA

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Posted on October 16th 2019, 4:00pm
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