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Wargasm Have Covered N.E.R.D.’s Lapdance And It Rules

Check out the duo’s take on Lapdance right now…

Wargasm are already having a brilliant year, with the duo already confirmed to tear it up at Download and The Great Escape, as well as heading out on tour with Creeper. And ahead of all that, they’ve just done an incendiary video for their awesome cover of N.E.R.D.’s hip-hop hit Lapdance. Check it out below…

We just had to cover this,” explain the band. “Rap and hip-hop are such an integral part of Nu-metal. We had to pay our respects.”

On the inspiration behind the gritty video, Wargasm had a vision for something that brought together disaster and joy.

We wanted this video to feel like a post-apocalyptic bunker party,” they reveal. “It’s all fallen apart but the music scene still survives. You can catch relics from earlier ages in there – amplifiers from old friends bands, military gear, even the flag from [Keith] Flint’s Aim4 album artwork.”

Wargasm Video
Posted on February 20th 2020, 1:00pm
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