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Watch Higher Power’s New Video For Seamless

Higher Power have released a new video for their track Seamless, taken from their upcoming LP

Higher Power have dropped an official video for their new track Seamless, taken from their upcoming sophomore album 27 Miles Underwater.

Speaking to Kerrang! earlier this month, vocalist Jimmy Wizard explained the new album title is based on “the seven year cycle theory that says every seven years we essentially become new people, because in that time, every cell in your body has been replaced by a new cell.”

I already had some lyrics written that used the metaphor of being underwater for being inside your own head, so it just came together like that. It made so much sense for what the album was about to me.”

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And, as you can see below, the metaphor of being underwater was realised as a striking visual for the Seamless video.

“I wanted to shoot some cool underwater stuff,” says Jimmy. “Initially I wasn’t going to be the person in the water because I can’t even swim, but it added to the panicked shots and I really wanted to visualise the idea of being inside your own head like being underwater.

We didn’t get time to get all the shots we needed to make the video in the UK, so we had to shoot some of it in Brooklyn in Mason’s bathtub last minute – they actually ended up being some of my favourite shots from the video.”

27 Miles Underwater is due for release on January 24, 2020, through Roadrunner Records.

27 Miles Underwater tracklist

1. Seamless
2. Shedding Skin
3. Lost In Static
4. Rewire (101)
5. Low Season
6. Passenger
7. King Of My Domain
8. In The Meantime
9. Staring At The Sun
10. Self-Rendered: Lost
11. Drag The Line

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Posted on September 17th 2019, 3:52pm
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