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Watch Korn Perform Four New Songs At Album Release Show

Korn performed Can You Hear Me, Finally Free and more at a special show in LA

To celebrate the release of their new album The Nothing, Korn played a special show at ShowBiz Studios in Los Angeles, California to a bunch of lucky fans. Throughout the nine song set, which included old faves Clown and Falling Away From Me, Korn also dropped in four tracks from the new album – including three live debuts for Can You Hear Me, Cold and Finally Free.

The band were also joined by a performance artist hanging above the stage, tangled amongst black wires to imitate The Nothing’s album sleeve.

Speaking previously to Kerrang! about two of the new songs played, frontman Jonathan Davis says Cold is “like I’m channelling some dark thing inside of me,” adding “I love how heavy it is and then it gets all fuckin’ happy.”

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Can You Hear Me was originally one of JD’s solo songs, but producer Nick Raskulinecz loved it. “The band went back and did it, and I really liked how that came out,” says Jonathan. “That’s one of the songs with 20-something vocals on it, there’s so many harmonies it’s like Abba or some shit. I love it.”

Watch the four new songs performed live in Los Angeles below.

Posted on September 16th 2019, 5:08pm
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