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Watch Metallica Play One Of Their Most Unique And Hands-Down Coolest Setlists In Recent Memory”

Metallica have thrown things back to 2014 and their memorable By Request’ Tour for this week’s epic stream.

Metallica continue to pick out some real gems from the vaults for their #MetallicaMondays streaming series, this week throwing things back six years to their awesome By Request’ tour.

As drummer Lars Ulrich himself says, this is one of the most unique and hands-down coolest setlists in recent memory”, with the metal titans hitting Lima, Peru in March 2014 for an 18-song set – opening with Battery, and running through the likes of Disposable Heroes, Whiplash, Orion and Fade To Black.

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The order of the day was a setlist by request, and you: our friends, our fans, our family… you voted, we heard you and you picked the setlist. Crazy cool,” explains Lars in the video’s intro.

The setlist was bonkers. Well, how bonkers was it? I won’t tell you the setlist other than there are a few toe-tapping favourites in there, but what makes the setlist so unique is the fact it was quite possibly the nuttiest setlist of the By Request tour.

No Nothing Else Matters, no Sad But True, no For Whom The Bell Tolls. What was really cool was that the voting was 100 per cent transparent, so you and us could always see what songs were in contention.”

Watch Metallica’s By Request show in Peru below:

Six years ago, during our visit on the Metallica By Request tour we played one of the most unique and hands down coolest setlists in recent memory… all songs picked by our Peruvian Tallica Family,” added Lars on Instagram.

A few snaps from the gig… and a few additional snaps from our incredible hang at Machu Picchu the following day. Hope you dig!”

Posted on May 26th 2020, 12:00p.m.
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