These 55 Bands Were Banned From A Catholic University’s Metal Station

An unearthed list of band names banned from a Catholic university's radio station is a reminder that God is super sensitive.

These 55 Bands Were Banned From A Catholic University’s Metal Station

For anyone who’s ever lived or promoted music in the New York City area, WSOU is a mainstay of the local metal scene. The student-run station of Seton Hall University, SOU plays everything from gospel to sports coverage, but is best known for its shows featuring extreme metal, punk rock, emo, and all the other genres of music that no other station would touch. But whether or not they play metal, Seton Hall is still a Roman Catholic university, and WSOU has to censor themselves accordingly -- which would explain this bizarre list of 55 bands banned from their station.

Looking at this recently-unearthed list originally posted to Dangerous Minds, one has to wonder what niche label's press release WSOU received before writing this up. There are bands on here that no metal fan is calling in demanding to hear on the radio unless it's a joke (no offense to any big Barbed Wire Condom and Cybernetic God Crusher fans out there). Meanwhile, some of the other names feel absolutely ridiculous -- I mean, Anal Cunt is an understandable inclusion, but Dark Angel and Hell-O? Surely there are more horrific things in heaven and earth than unoriginality.

Even worse is the note at the top of the list, showing off exactly why the metal scene and the church often don’t see eye-to-eye. “Anything with Devil, Satan, God, Jesus or any other Catholic references that are portrayed in a negative light should not be discussed over the air,” reads the note in bold. Man, who knew God was so insecure?

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Here are all the bands who made WSOU’s Filthy 55...

Aborted Fetus
Abuses of the Clergy
Adolf Satan
Alabama Thunderpussy
Alien Sex Fiend
Anal Cunt
Angel Corpse
Angel Sin
Art Phag
Baby Jesus Hitler
Barbed Wire Condom
Cannibal Corpse
Cradle Of Filth
Cybernetic God Crusher
Dark Angel
Decrepit Birth
Death Angel
Deep Fried Abortion
Dying Fetus
Fullblown AIDS
God Dethroned
Heaven Shall Burn
Impaled Nazarene
The Jackofficers
Jesus Chrysler
Jesus Eater
Killah Priest
Morbid Angel
Mighty Sphincter
Nails Of Christ
Nun Slaughter
Pre School Tea Party Massacre
Pussy Overload
Rhino Clit
Rotting Christ
Scrotum Staplers
Sexual Orange Master
Shit Scum
Smother Theresa
This Is Hell
Upside Down Cross
Wall of Smegma

So, if you live in Hoboken and were hoping to hear the new Wall Of Smegma jam on your ride home...well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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