This Man Created A Perfect AC/DC Song By Using Artificial Intelligence

Listen to Great Balls, which isn't officially an AC/DC song… though it probably could be.

This Man Created A Perfect AC/DC Song By Using Artificial Intelligence

While we've long been enjoying some weird and wonderful mash-ups courtesy of the internet's most hilarious and creative YouTubers, clearly it's too much effort to be letting humans do all the work these days. As such, satirist Funk Turkey has handed the task of creating new material over to artificial intelligence, using robots to make a pretty ace AC/DC song.

The track in question, Great Balls, came about use to generate the words, before Funk channeled his best Brian Johnson to sing this hilarious mish-mash of lyrics ('Wasn't the dog a touch too young to thrill?' – sorry, what?), and then backed it all with suitably AC/DC-esque instrumentation.

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Of course, there's hopefully real AC/DC material on the way at some point soon, with Twisted Sister vocalist Dee Snider revealing in December 2019 that “all four surviving members have reunited” for a new record, and, “It’s as close as you can get to the original band.”

Until then, though, here's Great Balls to tide us over:

In fairness, is actually a pretty great little tool. We tried the same thing for Green Day to see what fine words would come out… now, to get Billie Joe Armstrong to perform them:

An ambulance that's turning on the way across town
‘cause you feeling sorry for that your whining eyes
When September ends
Here comes the waiting
Just roamin' for yourself
Are we are the silence with the brick of my way to search the story of my memory rests,
but never forgets what I bleeding from the brick of my head's above the stars
Are the waiting
My head's above the brick of self-control
To live?
My head's above the innocent can never last
To search the…

O…kay then.

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