Tobias Forge is working on a “new vibe” for writing the next Ghost album

Ghost’s Tobias Forge wants to ensure that he doesn’t end up “repeating” himself when the time comes to make the follow-up to this year’s Impera album.

Tobias Forge is working on a “new vibe” for writing the next Ghost album
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It’s been a hell of a year for Ghost following the release of March’s excellent fifth album Impera, and already it seems as though mainman Tobias Forge is thinking about where to go next.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone (via Blabbermouth), the frontman says that he’s considering the “vibe” of his writing for the next record, with the aim of not ever “repeating” himself.

While Tobias doesn’t divulge exactly what his plans are yet, he says that, “There are a lot of things in my head that I feel like I wanna explore writing. I think I’ve never really ended an album production, or left an album production, without feeling like there are things that I would wanna do different next time.”

He explains how there are many different factors behind making a record (“There’s a big difference between recording in your hometown and recording a record on a tropical island someplace. And none of it is better than the other; it just means two different things”), and currently he’s “more about vibing” to see how it all might go.

“I’m trying to build a new vibe for writing this record now, just to sort of see to it that I don’t end up repeating myself, and do something else,” he says. “Evoke a few good things from the past and try to eradicate some of the things I didn’t like. And once more, you try to do it perfectly. It’s like being that sort of person that gets married for the sixth time: ‘This time is gonna be great. It’s gonna be perfect this time.’”

We don’t doubt it. Watch the interview below:

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