Tom DeLonge is releasing a Boomer talking plushie from blink-182's First Date video

Tom DeLonge's Boomer character from blink-182's First Date video is getting his very own talking plushie.

Tom DeLonge is releasing a Boomer talking plushie from blink-182's First Date video
Emily Carter

If for whatever reason you've ever wanted your very own Boomer (who, let's not forget, was "in jail for undisclosed reasons" at the end of blink-182's classic First Date video…), Tom DeLonge has announced that his company To The Stars are releasing a talking plushie.

The frontman's First Date character is "10 inches of pure Cali vibes", with this limited-edition release also including "detachable beer and skate accessories". "Squeeze his beer belly for a variety of dumb audio clips that could only come from the premiere idiot savant," reads the product's description. "Made from recycled stuffing. Available for advanced pre-order only. We will only produce the amount for pre-orders placed by March 18." Boomer will then be shipped in "mid-late June".

Sharing a video of Boomer, Tom adds "squeeze dat belly and hear some weird shit". We don't doubt it at all…

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Speaking to 91X San Diego last year about the famous Boomer 'what the fuck' GIF from the video that has become a hugely popular meme, Tom enthused, "It's the best thing ever! I love it. There's that one where they merged it with The Simpsons guy where he disappears into the hedge, they have one where they put the glasses on and it looks like The Matrix… I think it's so funny.

"[The First Date video] came from watching a documentary on the Bee Gees," he added. "I called up Mark [Hoppus, bass], like, 'Dude, you've gotta watch this shit! These dudes are on top of a mountain with full hair, singing face to face with the sunset behind them."

Get your very own Boomer right here.

And, of course, see Boomer in all his glory in the First Date video:

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