Tom DeLonge's response to Mark Hoppus finishing cancer treatment is… very Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge has shared some not-very-PG post-chemotherapy advice he's given to his former blink-182 bandmate Mark Hoppus…

Tom DeLonge's response to Mark Hoppus finishing cancer treatment is… very Tom DeLonge
Emily Carter

Though they're no longer bandmates in blink-182, it's clear that Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus' friendship has hardly changed at all since their early days, with the former frontman sharing some… questionable advice now that Mark has finished chemotherapy.

Tom posted a screenshot of a text exchange between himself and the bassist (which also shows that he has 365 unread messages… aaaaargh!), with Mark confirming that he doesn't currently have any more treatment planned for his diffuse large B‑cell lymphoma Stage 4‑A cancer.

"Doctor said I can take my port out," Mark writes. "I think because he thinks the chemo did the trick and I'm done but also if the chemo didn't work we do a different treatment entirely?"

"Wow," responds Tom. "That's great news. Time for LIVING."

And then… ummm…

"u need to fuck as many things as possible," Tom continues. "Shoes, gopher holes, golfers. Anything u can catch."

In the caption, he explains: "I wanted to be a good friend to Mark Hoppus and just give some modest advice on what he should do next, now that his Chemo treatments have subsided and it looks like they may have worked wonderfully."

We'll focus on the less gross side of this story, and say congratulations to Mark for finishing his treatment. You've got this!

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