Tom Morello's Response To Cell Phone Toss Backlash Is Priceless

After Tom Morello tossed a selfie-taking fan's phone, the Internet lashed out -- and Tom lashed back.

Tom Morello's Response To Cell Phone Toss Backlash Is Priceless

Earlier this week, Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello made news when a fan who was onstage with him tried to take a selfie with the guitarist, only for Tom to toss the guy's phone into the crowd. While most people snickered at footage of the incident, a couple of viewers decided it was an indictment of Tom and, seemingly, his liberal politics (hey, it's the Internet). Now, Tom has responded to those critics, and his thoughts are pretty amazing.

When one Twitter user called Tom a douche bag, the guitarist called them out on his bullshit:

When another commenter used the phone toss as a grand example of all things wrong with liberal SJW culture, Tom kept it simple and classy:

And when someone tried to pick holes in the story, Tom made his feelings very clear on both having fans onstage with him and what will happen if they try to take selfies with him:

That said, not everyone was furious at Morello:

So, in conclusion: if you try to take an onstage selfie with Tom Morello, he will pitch your phone into the crowd. And if you lose your shit about that at him on Twitter, he will make you look like a jackass on social media.

When Tom sat down for our In Conversation series, he talked about Audioslave's live track Sleight Of Hand, and why it was never recorded in the studio. “It was going to be the first single for [the 2006 album] but Timmy really hated it because he thought it sounded like a Danzig song, which is weird.

"He yelled ‘Fuck you’ a lot to the head of the label," added Tom. "We said, ‘Let’s not put it on the record because we’re about to get dropped.’ That one will see the light of day.”

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