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5 TV series and movies to watch while spring theoretically springs

From sex-crazed regency England to big burly blokes turning cars into literally anything else, here’s what you need to watch this weekend…

5 TV series and movies to watch while spring theoretically springs
Kerrang! staff

There's a new season upon us, prime time for whatever fresh starts one might desire. All those bad habits you want to move beyond were just winter manifesting itself upon you: Spring You is going to completely rule, in control of everything and completely thriving. Or, you know, you might just be the same and watch a bunch of telly while some daffodils bloom outside. All still good. You do you.

NetflixBridgerton (Season 2)

The show that is basically Gossip Girl with more lowering of jodhpurs returns for a second season with a few changes. Regé-Jean Page is absent, a new ridiculously telegenic family have arrived to create scandal and do a bunch of smouldering. Expect more betrayals, backstabbings, big-ass dresses and very smartly-attired people being dangerously horny.

Available on Netflix from March 25.

BBC iPlayerThen Barbara Met Alan

The story of disabled activists Barbara Lisicki and Alan Holdsworth lobbying for the UK’s first disability civil rights law – way more recently, fairly disgracefully, than you’d think – is told charmingly and movingly, brought to the screen with a disabled cast and by disabled writers (again, much more of a rarity than it should be). An important tale, told fantastically, and in little over an hour.

Available now on BBC iPlayer.

Discovery+Full Metal Junkies

A combination of DIY and hijinks – DIYjinks? – courtesy of a crew of bearded, tattooed, blowtorch-toting craftsmen bringing crazy ideas and transformations to life. Turn an airport food delivery truck into a stage for a metal gig? A walk in the park. Want to turn two buses into a house? A doddle! Almost guaranteed to have you hitting up Screwfix for a deeply inadvisable angle grinder purchase.

Available now on Discovery+.

Apple TV+Pachinko

A sweeping, enormous, eight-part adaptation of Korean-American author Min Jin Lee’s bestselling multi-generational novel – the kind of telly the word ‘epic’ was invented for. Set across three countries and six decades, it’s big-budget prestige television at its most prestige: expect it to end up winning everything going.

Available on Apple TV+ from March 25.


The perpetually busy Sebastian Stan co-stars with Normal People’s Daisy Edgar-Jones in what initially seems like a rom-com about the horrific world of modern dating, but takes a sinister turn. Jet-black and cheerfully disturbing, it escalates from “ha ha, aren’t apps nonsense” to life and death (and death, and more death) in a grotesquely entertaining way. Probably not one for after a big Mother’s Day lunch.

Available now on Disney+.

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