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5 TV series and movies to watch while dodging the curse of Friday 13th

From multiversal mayhem with Michelle Yeoh to mythical Essex reptiles, here’s what you need to watch this week…

5 TV series and movies to watch while dodging the curse of Friday 13th
Kerrang! staff

Friday 13th crops up, on average, almost twice a year. It doesn’t mean anything, of course – someone arbitrarily decided 13 was unlucky, way back in the mists of time, and the Friday part was equally arbitrarily joined to it at some point – but still. Still. You never know, right? What if you slip on a banana peel, or tread in a dog mess in only your socks? It’ll be the curse, the curse of Friday 13th. Best sit down quietly and watch something good to avoid it.

In cinemasEverything Everywhere All At Once

The always awesome Michelle Yeoh stars in an extraordinary, beautiful, hilarious, heartbreaking and truly unique movie (although, somehow, it's one of two multiverse-based movies currently in cinemas). Two-man, one-name filmmaking team Daniels – who made the “farting corpse with a boner” comedy Swiss Army Man – have excelled themselves. Visually extraordinary, emotionally devastating and ferociously original. Plus, bonus points for marking a return to acting for Ke Huy Quan of The Goonies and Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom.

In cinemas now

NetflixOur Father

A fascinating, horrifying documentary about Donald Cline, an Indiana fertility doctor who, without his patients’ knowledge, used his own sperm to inseminate them. After one former patient takes a DNA test and discovers she has more siblings than she was aware of, the web grows and grows – more and more residents of the town discover they are related to one another, thanks to the sinister doctor. However, bringing him to justice proves difficult due to the incredibly specific nature of his actions. Not the cheeriest of watches, but incredibly interesting.

Available now on Netflix

NetflixSenior Year

Imagine being in a coma for 20 years and waking up in a dramatically changed world. It would be terrifying. Or, if you were in a Netflix comedy, it would be an excuse for a bunch of extremely silly jokes. Can Rebel Wilson complete her senior year of American high school – yeah, she’s Australian it’s fine, don’t question it – despite being 37? Will she and everyone around her learn a bunch of lessons about, like, life and shit in the process? Will you have a perfectly pleasant time watching this, laugh out loud five or six times, then forget about it entirely within a fortnight? Yes, yes and yes.

Available now on Netflix

Apple TV+The Essex Serpent

Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston star in this adaptation of Sarah Perry’s bestselling novel. Set in the late 19th century, it follows a widow who becomes convinced her new home of Essex is also home to a sea serpent. It’s also definitely home to a horny pastor and some perma-angry locals who are perpetually ready to form a torch-wielding mob. Beliefs are tested! Faith is stretched! Pastors are horny! The first two episodes (of six) are up now, with new ones following weekly.

Available now on Apple TV+

Disney+How I Met Your Father

There’s something ever so familiar about all this. Spun off from the mother-meeting original, How I Met Your Father sees Hilary Duff navigating the world of 2022, as recounted in voiceover by Kim Cattrall as her 2050 self. Whether it will be as much of a smash hit as HIMYM remains to be seen, but it’s all very pleasant – there are worse ways to while away a few hours than devouring the 10-episode first season.

Available now on Disney+

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