Exclusive Premiere: Enterprise Earth Turn The Tables In New Video, He Exists

The latest from the Spokane, WA, quartet is a nightmare of menace and gore.

To call Enterprise Earth “satanic death metal” is too much of a simplification. Yes, the band’s latest album due out is titled Luciferous, and the cover features a hermit sorcerer surrounded by demons in the desert. And yeah, their music, a kinetic brand of brutal death metal you can feel in your guts, touches on topics like the Devil and the evil in mankind. But at the same time, the Spokane, WA-based quartet doesn’t fall into the traps of romantic European satanism championed by so many extreme metal bands. Instead, they seem to focus on Satan as he exists within us all, the archfiend that is humanity.

These themes are all present in the band’s new video for He Exists. The concept shows an extreme case of role reversal. At first, one thinks they’re witnessing a bible-thumping religious maniac tormenting an innocent woman chained to a chair… but then, midway through, there’s a shift in narrative, and suddenly these figures we think we know take on gripping new identities. It’s a cool, creepy display of how our concepts of good and evil aren’t always accurate… but might be based on some large truths.

Check out He Exists below:

And check out the awesome cover of Luciferous as well:

Enterprise Earth Cover

Enterprise Earth’s Luciferous drops April 5, 2019 via Entertainment One and Good Fight Music. Preorder it here.

Posted on December 13th 2018, 6:00pm
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