blink-182's Mark Hoppus Saved A Deer In A Lake

blink-182 bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus saved a "panicked, shivering, panting, tired" deer from quite possibly drowning in a lake.

blink-182's Mark Hoppus Saved A Deer In A Lake

Mark Hoppus is a man of many, many talents: co-founding and playing bass/singing in blink-182, being consistently hilarious on Twitter, making Alex Gaskarth's dreams come true by forming Simple Creatures with him, producing, co-writing, making cameos in videos… you name it. And now he can also add 'deer rescuer' to this long list, having revealed that he saved one from quite possibly drowning in a lake.

The blink man took to Instagram to post a video of the creature swimming through a gorgeous looking lake while Mark was on a boat, revealing that he spotted it looking "panicked, shivering, panting, tired, swimming in circles".

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"I got on the swim step and we pulled up alongside it and I was able to get my arms around the bottom of its neck and tried to pull it up but it was too heavy," Mark continued. "So for twenty minutes we slowly shepherded this deer across the lake, like herding goats in Twilight Princess, to the nearest shore."

Then comes the happy ending: "We got there and the deer stumbled out of the water, looked back at us for a few seconds, and bounded off into the woods. We saved a deer today!!"

Awwww. This is just the kind of wholesome content the world needs to see right now, isn't it?

When he's not saving animals in need, Mark has been working on new music in lockdown, with bandmate Travis Barker recently revealing that a blink-182 song called Quarantine is coming.

Alex Gaskarth also hinted at a new Simple Creatures release back in April, teasing: “We’re already working on potential quarantine music while we’re all on lockdown. [Mark]’s in Idaho – he escaped while he still could – and I’m stuck home in Maryland, so we won’t be doing it in person but we’re sending ideas back and forth and we’re always talking about what the next steps are for Simple Creatures. It’s in the works.”

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