Watch Dave Grohl give wholesome homeschooling advice

Attention, parents: Dave Grohl is here to help you out with your children's music education, picking three albums to teach them about while homeschooling.

Watch Dave Grohl give wholesome homeschooling advice
Emily Carter

Despite being the son of a public school teacher, Dave Grohl clearly doesn't fancy himself as a particularly great educator when it comes to homeschooling his kids during lockdown. Nevertheless, there's one subject that the Foo Fighters frontman does know a thing or two about, and he's given some top tips to parents when it comes to music education.

Interviewed by BBC Breakfast this morning, Dave jokes about his abilities to teach: "My kids know who I am, okay? I've read my report cards to my kids before, so they're not necessarily going to come to me for anything academic – they just don't. I could be a cheerleader, I could make you a great breakfast and I could make you smile before you start your day, but you don't necessarily want me in your history lessons, you don't necessarily want me helping you with trigonometry."

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He's then asked to give some music education for the children of Britain, to which Dave recommends three key albums that'll do the job nicely: The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ("That album still connects the way it did the day it came out"), AC/DC's Back In Black ("That is rock'n'roll drumming 101!") and Saturday Night Fever by the Bee Gees ("I like myself a little party every now and then…").

Perfect. (And as a side note, we'd still really like Dave to try to teach us trigonometry anyway. What's the worst that could happen?!)

In other Foos news, the band just released a new video for No Son Of Mine, featuring footage of them performing filmed by Danny Clinch, and animation by Bomper Studio.

"This is the kind of song that just resides in all of us and if it makes sense at the time, we let it out," says Dave. "Lyrically it’s meant to poke at the hypocrisy of self righteous leaders, people that are guilty of committing the crimes they’re supposedly against…"

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