Watch Swiss Children's Choir Sing Heartwarming Renditions of Judas Priest and Dio

Maybe even better than Judas Priest and Dio?

Watch Swiss Children's Choir Sing Heartwarming Renditions of Judas Priest and Dio

Kids are cute, but kids singing metal songs are even cuter. A Swiss children’s choir are here to warm our cold hearts with some wholesome renditions of Judas Priest and Dio jams.

Seraina Telli is the master-metal-mind behind this magic. She is the retired singer of Swiss traditional metal five-piece Burning Witches, and now leads the choir in Villigen, Switzerland, casually spreading her love for metal.

Don’t expect to hear electric guitars wreaking havoc and raspy vocals howling the words. The first rendition is of Judas Priest’s Leather Rebel, sung high-pitched against acoustic guitars. Next is an adorable version of Dio’s Holy Diver. Everything after is more traditional. You can watch below:

Speaking of child prodigies making a mark in the metal/rock scene, remember that time a 10-year-old played guitar for the Foo Fighters? October of 2018, the band was on their massive Concrete And Gold U.S. tour. The final dates were approaching, so Dave Grohl invited a fan onstage at their Kansas City gig, and not only did the kid get to jam out in a Metallica session to thousands of people, but he got to keep Dave’s guitar. The kid gets to grow up next to Dave Grohl’s guitar. You can watch the crazy footage below:

Let’s not forget the 12-year-old drumming for Gojira, either. In October of 2017, the band was headlining Cleveland’s House Of Blues, and a 12-year-old had won a competition to perform with them for a quick jam session. He replaced drummer Mario Duplantier behind the kit and showed off his skills, making everyone over the age of 12 feel inferior. I’ve never seen a 12-year-old with so much power. You can watch him rock out below:

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