Watch the new video for Waterparks’ huge collab with blackbear

Waterparks get arty in the video for their most recent single with blackbear, taken from upcoming fifth album INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.

Watch the new video for Waterparks’ huge collab with blackbear
Emily Carter
Jawn Rocha

Fresh from the announcement of their fifth album and exclusive Kerrang! Cover Story last week, Waterparks have unveiled a brand-new music video.

The arty new clip is for their excellent recent single FUCK ABOUT IT (featuring blackbear). Speaking to Kerrang! about working with bear, frontman Awsten Knight explained: “It was handing over the reins and being like, ‘Fill it out with whatever you want to do, because I love what you do!’ I’ve listened to him for years, so for him to be like, ‘This is sick and I want to be a part of it,’ I’m like, ‘I trust you – go.’”

Of the band’s upcoming album INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (due out next year), Awsten teased: “I think that it does everything that Waterparks does best, and it expands. There are pieces that feel like they could have been on any other albums, but then there’s elements of it that full-on expand past anywhere we’ve been before. I think there’s a perfect balance between the poetry that you’d find on Entertainment versus the blunt crazy shit that you’d find on FANDOM. It’s a perfect melding of all of it.”

Can’t wait. Until then, watch the new video for FUCK ABOUT IT below:

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