Watch A Rooster Growl Better Than Most Death Metal Vocalists


Watch A Rooster Growl Better Than Most Death Metal Vocalists

Being a death metal vocalist is a lot of work, and requires much talent and practice. You have to master the proper technique and learn how to take care of your voice. Not everyone has what it takes, and sometimes you can find that talent in the most unexpected of places. For instance, a rooster.

In this video, Klobesen (which translates to “toilet brush”), a Sanjack Crower rooster from Austria, shows off his guttural pipes. You can hear him finishing off his rooster crow, with a long, drawn-out, death metal scream – and he does a great job of holding that note. He could really give Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder or Chase Mason of Gatecreeper a run for their money (you heard us, boys, we're calling you out. There's beef. Fight this rooster).

Get brutal at the crack of dawn below:

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Klobesen's not the only gifted rooster on the internet. A video uploaded 11 years ago shows a different rooster giving an impressive metal scream. Like Klobesen, this rooster starts off with his typical crow, before launching into a loud and powerful death metal scream. He really does seem to have a lot of anger and conviction behind that scream, making him the George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher of the bird world.

If that wasn't metal enough for you, here's a version with some music in the background, provided by Ewan Parry from the UK death metal band Talanas, to show how great this guy would actually sound on a track:

While Ozzy may have the most metal dog, these have to be the most metal birds on the planet. Maybe they could team up for a collaboration? Or go beak-to-beak in a scream-off? All we know is, we’d love to hear them on a track someday and they definitely belong in the death metal hall of fame.

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