We Need To Talk About Ashley Purdy's New Music Video

Ashley Purdy has released a video for his new song King For A Day, and we have some questions...

We Need To Talk About Ashley Purdy's New Music Video

For days our Twitter mentions have been flooded with people requesting that we watch Ashley Purdy's new music video for King For A Day. Tweet after tweet, members of the Purdy Posse sent us the link to the fantasy-inspired video, starring the ex-Black Veil Brides man as a knight/prince/pirate hybrid.

So watch it we did. And it is staggering.

Now, let's get this out of the way early, the song is catchy as hell. The entire Kerrang! office have been singing and humming the chorus of 'If I were King for a day, I’d be sailing seas with the gold,' for over 24 hours, and we're beginning to think we have a problem. But the real talking point is the video. Oh, what a video.

We're not going to break it down scene by scene because there is simply so much going on, but here are some highlights from Ashley's odyssey to save an imprisoned princess. Oh, and there's a dragon.

Here's Ashley, going about his daily knightlike business, swinging his sword and dreaming about wearing a snazzy gold crown.

Dream big and it will happen! Just look at the quality of that crown, definitely not found in a Toys R Us bargain bin.


If you've spent months wondering where Drogon flew off to in Game Of Thrones, call off the search.

We didn't notice this on our first watch (trust us, we have watched it a lot) but the princess is writing OVER THE TOP OF WRITING THAT IS ALREADY THERE. Like when you're teaching a child to write in pencil then going over it in pen for realsies. Also, is that quill from a flamingo?

Now this is the money shot. Quite literally, if you look at the amount of treasure our hero has relinquished from Mean Mr Dragon. It looks oddly like the loading screen of a Dungeons And Dragons ripoff game for Windows 98.

Hanging out on a pirate ship, catching a shooting star. Sure. Just another day in the office when you’re a fairy tale champion.

Have you ever tried to climb a green screen?

Nothing says ‘We’re here to rock’ like awkwardly swinging your guitar in front of a Medieval castle. It might be the best part of the entire video.

Awwww. Our King and his Queen, standing under an arch, staring at their kingdom. Don’t ask us how they got there, don’t ask about narrative, don’t ask about the dragon we don’t actually see get slain, just know that they all lived happily ever after.

There is so much more we could overanalyse and show you, but you need to watch the video for yourself, it might just be the greatest thing you’ll see this week. We’re off to watch it again.

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