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What Do The Teenagers Of Today Think About blink-182?

blink-182's career gets reevaluated by a group of teenagers

What Do The Teenagers Of Today Think About blink-182?

Do you want to feel old? Well watch the video below of teenagers reacting to the music and videos of blink-182. Sure, some of the guys and girls recognise a handful of the songs, but nobody who features in the video was born before blink-182 started making music. It sure gives a new meaning to the phrase 'What's my age again?'

In the reaction video, the nine teenagers (aged between 14 and 19) share their thoughts on some of blink's biggest tracks including All The Small Things and I Miss You, plus some of their earliest bangers including Dammit.

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Other choice comments on the music of arguably pop-punk's biggest band include “My mom loves this song", “It’s so angsty” and that it “Makes me want to go back to school and hate every class again."

The question “What’s with them and not having any clothes on?” is also raised, and unfortunately guys, even after all this time we still don't have an answer for you.

If you want to feel older than the moon, check out this reaction video below.

blink-182's new album Nine is out September 20 via Columbia Records.b

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