Witch Fever unleash new single and creepy video, I Saw You Dancing

The next single from Witch Fever’s debut album Congregation is here – but brace yourselves, because things get intense…

Witch Fever unleash new single and creepy video, I Saw You Dancing
Emily Carter
Derek Bremner

Witch Fever are back with another killer new single, I Saw You Dancing.

Taken from the band’s upcoming debut album Congregation (due out on October 21), it lives up to the record’s title, as I Saw You Dancing addresses vocalist Amy Walpole’s experiences in church.

“This is a song on the album that we’re really excited about as really it’s the first time we’ve written and allowed a song to have space and time to breathe!” Amy enthuses. “We’ve been so used to writing quick thrashy tunes it was fun to experiment and write slower ones for the album. We really love the drone of the guitar, the rattle of the bass and the reverb on the snare drum, as well as the vocals being a little more relaxed and expressive.”

Plus, there’s a really creepy music video to accompany the single, with Amy explaining of the Sam O’Leary-directed promo: “Horror has always been a genre that we’ve drawn inspiration from for lyrics and artwork because it’s such a potent and multi-layered genre.

“Horror has such a potential for holding a mirror up to society to reveal the oppression it continues to uphold. Typical elements of horror include violence, suspense, fear and the abject which are powerful fictional tools to expose the dark underbelly of society.

“Horror isn’t known for being the most progressive or inclusive genre, often centering straight white men, and portraying women and people of colour as either helpless victims, monstrous villains, or a side story to push the male characters plot line forward. Furthermore horror has also historically ignored the existence of marginalised genders and members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

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